Information about Coventry Airport

Coventry Airport

As well as the services provided for practical aviation purposes, Coventry Airport also works with several organisations specialising in flight experiences. These experiences include trial lessons in order to progress in an aviation based career or hobby, in both planes and helicopters.

This airport is used by anyone who uses methods of transportation that are not used by the mass public such as big brand airlines.

Due to the size of the airport it does not have the resources such as security checks, or the capacity to cater for large commercial flights.

All arrivals and departures at this airport will come with a financial charge and must be cleared prior to being carried out. Due to restricted take off and landing resources the landing of planes will often get declined if it had not been confirmed ahead of landing date.

If you wish to travel to the airport the easiest method would be by a car, the address of the airport is; Coventry Airport, Siskin Parkway West, Coventry CV3 4PB. If you wish to know more about getting to the airport visit out travel page or to find out more click here: Coventry Airport | Getting to the Airport

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